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Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

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If you have decided to become a crypto investor but don’t know where to start, this article is for you. It talks about crypto assets and what to look for when choosing the best cryptocurrency trading platform for beginners.

There is a couple of options on how to become the owner of digital assets:

  • participate in airdrops;
  • buy crypto on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Let’s consider both options. Airdrop is the process of free distribution of crypto assets (coins, tokens, etc.) conducted by crypto projects. That may be startups that aim to draw attention to their projects and create a community of users and established crypto projects that aim to expand the user base and raise the attractiveness of their products. Now let’s switch to buying crypto.

A Beginners Guide to Crypto Buying

When looking for a cryptocurrency project to invest in, you should consider the following criteria:

  • The nature of the project: what value does it offer, and what problem does it solve?
  • Availability of coins (tokens) on cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Liquidity of the assets.
  • Social media and project updates.
  • Project developers and early investors.
  • Analysis of crypto charts: how has the asset price changed, and what has influenced it?

If you are a beginner and don’t have enough knowledge to evaluate a crypto project thoroughly, you need an all-in-one resource – the WhiteBIT blog. What is it?

What is the WhiteBIT blog?

WhiteBIT is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform with a variety of trading tools. Novice traders especially appreciate this service for it offers a convenient interface that can be adjusted according to a user’s needs. The exchange offers a demo trading option, where clients can practice buying and selling digital assets in different strategies. Besides, on WhiteBIT, you can buy crypto with real money directly from your bank card. To understand how to do it, visit the WhiteBIT blog. It includes a helpful crypto beginners guide on trading and investment, as well as reviews on popular coins and the educational sector, where you will find many useful articles on the market analysis and explanations of the key definitions in this field. The good thing is that you can unite studying and practising using a demo account without fear of losing real money. Thus, you get confidence and priceless experience.

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