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Motu (Hindi: मोटू) is one of the two titular characters of Motu Patlu. He is the main protagonist of the series who loves samosas. He is voiced by Saurav Chakraborty. Motu is voiced by Ben Bledsoe in the English dubbed episodes and EMS Murali & Sebastian in Tamil.

motu patalu is an Indian animated sitcom television series written by Niraj Vikram for Nickelodeon India. The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya Studios.


Motu, along with his best friend Patlu, lives in a small rented house located in Furfuri Nagar. In the movie Motu Patlu in Alien World, he was separated from his father when he was 6-7 years old.

Motu has a habit of calling people Bare/Boro Bhaiya (Big brother, in English).

He has a great addition to samosas. When he smells them, he gets attracted to them. He can eat hundreds of samosas. He usually dreams about samosas or him eating a mountain of them. He also wants to do social work but mostly lands in trouble with his best friend, Patlu.

Even though he is not skilled in any job, he still tries to do jobs like Constable, Ward Boy, Cleaner, and Delivery Boy but brings trouble to the company/organization where he is working and gets fired. He sometimes even does his own businesses, mostly with Patlu, Dr. Jhatka, and Ghasitaram, but these too fail, mainly due to Motu’s foolishness. However, due to his strength, power, and will to fight evil, he often defends his town against enemies, which is why he is considered to be the biggest enemy of burglars in Furfuri Nagar.

As he doesn’t own any job, the money he owns is probably from the rewards he gains from the government, usually due to the commendation of the police or the Mayor, and the small amount of money he can make from his businesses and jobs.

He was touring European countries such as Italy, France, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Albania, etc…

Nowadays, he is Touring All over India. He is shown in Taj Mahal, Gateway of India, Tea estates of Assam, Kerala Backwaters, Hawa Mahal, Qutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, etc.


He is a short, fat man in his 30’s-40’s. He wears a red tunic under a black vest. He is balding around the head area but has hair around the ears. He has a rather kempt mustache. In Furfuri Nagar, he had kept a mustache that had gaps between them. Motu’s pajamas are red and white with samosas plastered all over them. When he shifted his home to Modern City, his clothing remained as his signature red tunic and vest, which is now a lighter shade of blue in the redesign. On Europe Tour & Indian Tour, his dressing remains the same.


Unlike Patlu, who is quite humble, Motu is very hot-headed. He dreams of fame, fortune, and lots of samosas. His body automatically rushes towards it and is so attracted to them that if he smells it, his body will force itself in their direction of them. He is also very impatient, and a lot of times, the gang falls in trouble because of his impatience. Motu is selfish as he goes after many things without knowing them properly. Motu is a plump man. Due to his lack of intelligence, he is the brawn of the gang. Motu is also lazy when it comes to housework, shoving the duties to Patlu and getting annoyed when Patlu tells him to do the work sometime. It is shown in some episodes and movies that Motu has a habit of sleepwalking and often ends up punching objects or people, including Patlu. He believes in horoscopes, whereas Patlu and other friends don’t believe in horoscopes. Friends and Enemies.

  • Motu: Motu is a plump man who serves as one of the central protagonists of this show. He loves to eat samosas which increase his power drastically, giving him the ability to defeat his normally superior rivals. Samosas also increase his speed, strength, vision, and intelligence, also allowing him to lift boulders and vehicles. Motu’s best friend is Patlu. He often lands in trouble because of his actions. He is always looking for the easiest way to earn money, have fun, and eat a lot of samosas. Sometimes he gets over-expressive while celebrating his victory and can do something very foolish, like bringing back a pirate into the present who they had sent back to the past. He is also shown bragging about things he has never done. He is a good-natured man who wants to help others. Unfortunately, he can be easily fooled by them, too, especially John. Patlu once said that he is not a fool; he is a simple man. Although he is not skilled in any job, he tries to work with Patlu as constables, ward boys, cleaners, delivery boys, etc., but he creates trouble and gets fired from those companies/organizations in which he and Patlu worked. He has baldness on his head but has hair next to his ears. He also has a mustache. He wears a red tunic with a blue (mostly black) vest, yellow pajamas, and shoes. His talking accent is influenced by Dara Singh. He is depicted as extremely afraid of mice. In the movie Motu Patlu in Alien World, he was separated from his father when he was 6–7 years old. His father is believed to have been abducted by aliens from the planet Axar during his search for extraterrestrial life forms in the universe. His dialogue is “Khaali pet mere dimaag ki batti nahi chalti tum hi kuch karo!” “You do something; I can’t think on an empty stomach!”.
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In the newer episodes, his tunic features maroon vertical stripes.

  • Patlu: Patlu is a slim man who serves as one of the show’s central protagonists. He is often portrayed as the smartest guy in the city. However, he often gets into a lot of trouble with Motu. He dislikes samosas but likes to read the newspapers. It is also believed that his grandfather was a boxing champion and had a recipe for procuring extraordinary strength. This is later discovered to be the case by Motu. He is not strong. He can beat John when he is alone but is beaten by strong criminals or John’s goons, especially Number 1. He has a bald head and a braid. He wears a yellow tunic with orange leggings, brown-framed glasses, and brown shoes. His dialogues are “Idea!” and “Motu Kuch Karo!” Motu, do something!” he says whenever Motu causes trouble.

In Modern City and Europe Tour episodes, his outfit changes to a yellow tunic with a curved blue stripe on the left and blue leggings.

  • Inspector B. Chingum: B. Chingum is a police inspector. He believes that no criminal can escape from him. However, he manages to catch them merely by luck and with the help of Motu and Patlu. A Rajinikanth devotee with a strong South Indian accent, Chingum is a solicitous police officer. He takes pride in the fact that no criminal can ever getaway. He drives both a green police motorcycle and a police jeep. Chum is sometimes helped by two constables, Hera and Pheri. In the movie “Motu Patlu: Double Trouble,” we find out that he is also married. He has a mustache that reaches the bottom of his jaw and silky brown hair that reaches his nape. Chingum wears khaki police uniform with stars and badges decorating it and a name tag with a police cap. He also often wears sunglasses. In the older episodes, he wears a blue handkerchief with white dots on his left wrist, which was replaced by a Smart Watch GT08 in the latest version of the show. When he says his dialogues, he shoots upwards; the coconuts fall on his head and make him fall to the ground. He can shoot coconuts from anywhere, even from Antarctica and the moon. In some episodes, he is shown that he occasionally orders coconuts to fall on enemies, to stop Motu Patlu, etc. He likes to eat South Indian food such as idli, dosa, sambar, vada, and coconut chutney.

He has a new police station in the new episodes. On the European tour, he drives a green scooter.

  • Ghasita Ram: Ghasita Ram is a cowardly person who always claims to have 20 years of experience in various fields, but only a few of the experiences are useful to others. He is referred to as Bengali; He hails from Ghatal, located in West Midnapore in West Bengal. Like Dr. Jhatka, his so-called “experiences of 20 years” often land other people, especially Motu and Patlu, in trouble. However, Motu and Patlu do call on him for help in certain episodes. He is also the lab assistant of Dr. Jhatka. Ghasita also helps Dr. Jhatka with experiments and coaxing Motu and Patlu to test Dr. Jhatka’s inventions. His design is a parallel version of Patlu. He wears a cobalt blue tunic, purple dhoti, dark brown vest, and shoes of the same color.

Later, when they started to live in Modern City and when they started touring Europe, he wore a peach-colored tunic, an olive green vest, and brown leggings.

  • Doctor Jhatka: Doctor Jhatka is an eccentric scientist. In some older episodes, he was shown as a dentist. His accent is like Sardar, so he is referred to as Punjabi. His invention is usually very impressive but is of little use to the townspeople. Often gets someone in trouble. He drives a yellow flying car. Jhatka is known for his reduced hairline, green shirt, violet necktie, blue jeans, and olive strapped black shoes. His grandfather is shown to be a millionaire searching for the whereabouts of his grandson in Furfuri Nagar; His design is a parallel version of Motu. He sometimes tests his gadgets on Motu and Patlu without telling them beforehand, which causes them problems. This often leads to him getting beaten up by Motu and Patlu. He could be beaten by Number 1. In some movies and almost all episodes, Motu Patlu and others beat him up for not reminding them about his gadgets, especially not reminding them of his flying helmet.

In the newer episodes, he wears a yellow shirt with white floral-oriental prints, a green necktie, a violet check blazer, and brown pants, which were soon replaced by a pair of denim trousers. Inside his lab, he wears a pair of goggles, a white shirt, a pair of turquoise blue pants, and a pair of boots. He wears the same clothes as the scientists wear. He has a red flying car on the Europe trip.

  • Boxer: Boxer is Motu’s neighbor; he is an aggressive man. Boxer wears red boxing gloves, a white tank top, and red shorts with vertical yellow stripes. The text “BOXER” is written in red with an orange outline on the back of his shirt. Sometimes, he also wears a black shirt with jeans. His boxing coach is Mr. Thakur. Boxer wants to help his neighbors but gets angry and ends up beating them up instead. He is very strong and can break through walls and punches people so hard that they go into the clouds. He is not that fast and can be fooled. He could be beaten by Motu if he ate samosas. He is shown that he is not a good parent and cannot get his son, Sunny, to sleep. In “Judwa Boxer,” we find out that he also has a cowardly brother who later becomes bold enough to free him from Motu and Patlu’s captivity. His real name is “Raju,” as shown in the episode of Motu Mobile when he calls his mother in America. He shares a good bond with Chingum and often teams up with him to beat Motu and Patlu.
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In the newer episodes, he wears a green hoodie with black stripes, blue denim trousers, and green shoes.

  • John: John serves as the main antagonist of the show. John’s ambition is to become a Don. But his plans always fail very badly and thus end up in him getting arrested or being taunted by other people. He says some short poems. Contrary to normal thieves, he is not afraid of Chingum but is instead afraid of Motu and Patlu. He is plump and short in size and faces discrimination for that. He is a mastermind in thievery and also has a pistol. He can fool Motu and other people. He is also very good at mimicry and disguise. But he is less clever than Patlu. He wears a blue dress shirt with dark blue floral prints, a yellow undershirt, a brown belt, dark blue pants with blue cuffs, and brown shoes. He has three gold chains around his neck, J is written on his locket, and eight rings on all his fingers except the thumb. He has a black mole on his left cheek. He always likes to rob money from banks and jewelry from jewelry shops. He has a van. According to the episode “Motu the Radio Jockey,” John has been interested in stealing since childhood and started stealing from someone’s home, then stealing chocolate from a girl, then food from restaurants, etc.

In the newer episodes, he wears a blue shirt with multiple patterns, a yellow undershirt, purple pants, and blue boots, and he has a house to live in the forest where he lives. He can hide his stolen money and stolen jewelry in his own house.

  • Number 1: Number 1 is John’s goon, who serves as one of the supporting antagonists. He likes and appreciates John’s short poems, but John beats him up in return. He has brilliant ideas to trap Motu and Patlu, but whenever he tells him, John says that his idea is bad and beats him, saying that he has a better plan but repeats the same one. Though he respects John, he is always the first to get beaten by him. He wears a blue French check hat, magenta striped shirt, denim trousers, and a yellow ascot tie.

In the later episodes, he wears a green zig-zag shirt, a red ascot tie, a red beret, and dark brown shoes.

  • Number 2: Number 2 is John’s goon who rarely speaks. He has a dark mark on one eye and a bandage on his oversized nose. However, in the new version, there is no dark mark on one of his two eyes and no bandage on his nose. He has dark brown hair and wears a cyan striped shirt, aquamarine ascot tie, and brownish-orange pants.

In the later version, he wears a purple striped shirt, a light green ascot tie, green pants, and red shoes.

  • Chaiwala: Chaiwala owns a tea shop near Motu’s house, but his real home is never revealed. He makes Motu’s favorite samosas and Patlu’s favorite tea in the city, which Motu steals from the shop in the older episodes. Although Chaiwala does not like his food being stolen, he occasionally rewards Motu by exempting him from paying the money Motu owes him or even promising him more free samosas when he saves him from other residents of Furfuri Nagar. Motu sometimes gets beaten up for not paying Chaiwala. He wears a white undershirt and lungi with a towel over his neck, which he occasionally uses to wipe off his sweat.

Later in Modern City, he wears a blue-gold chef’s hat and uniform, and he has a new tea shop.


Due to his natural build, Motu is naturally strong and is the strongest among his friends (except Boxer). After consuming Samosas, his favorite food, his speed, strength, vision, and intelligence are enhanced, allowing him to lift boulders and vehicles. He can also achieve said powers by just having the desire to get to his samosas or if he is in a state of significant panic. He can also beat down multiple opponents at once, and even a person as strong as Boxer is easily beaten by him. As a child, he was able to walk 5 kilometers (3.106 miles) to Dr. Mohan Sinha’s lab, as seen in Motu Patlu in Alien World. In Motu Patlu in the City of Gold, Motu was shown to know how to use a sword in combat. In Motu Patlu in the Game of Zones, Motu was seen to be strong enough to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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  • When he hasn’t eaten samosas, he easily loses to strong enemies.
  • He cannot think on an empty stomach.
  • He is not clever and can be fooled by people.
  • Motu often develops major obsessions and addictions with samosas. In the episode Samosaaaaaaaa, while Motu was under the influence of some medicine, he thought Dr. Jhatka was a samosa and tried to eat him.


In Furfuri Nagar, he lives in a simple house which is firstly for rent, but after some time, they purchase the house from their house owner.

When Furfuri Nagar gets transformed into New Modern City, he owns a good house

When they shift to New Modern City, he buys a flat in Furfuri Apartment and lives in it.

During their tour to Europe, they stayed at hotels.

Indian Tour

At Agra – At Jhatka’s Sister Mamata’s home

In Kerala – Chingum’s Parents’ house

Rest all they stay at Hotels.


  • His design is a parallel version of Dr. Jhatka’s.
  • Motu knows how to sing. In a video where Motu is shown to do the “#SAFECHALLENGE,” Motu sings about samosas.
  • In the Motu Patlu comics, Motu and Patlu are stated to be brothers.
  • In the episode “Rupiya Dus Karod,” Motu’s uncle Kuber Singh, who has not met him in 30 years, seems to know Patlu well, saying that they have been friends since childhood.
  • In Salim Robot, Motu’s weight is shown as being 80 kilograms (176 pounds), and his height is 5’03. In the later episode, Wajan, however, changed his weight to him weighing much more than 120 kilograms to the point of causing the weighing scale to malfunction. The weight machine in the episode “Weight Machine” also malfunctioned due to Motu’s weight. 
  • Motu has been ridiculed for his weight many times. This usually starts after any type of weight measuring machine ends up malfunctioning due to his weight. 
  • He got his famous catchphrase from his grandfather, as he said at the beginning of the first episode.
  • He is named Matin in the Sinhalese dub.
  • Motu’s Fakebook Page; appears in the episode Flying Helmet.
  • On the Motu Patlu social media site, he was born on 31 February, which is impossible on the Gregorian Calendar as February only has 28 days or 29 days during a leap year. However, it is possible that it was using another calendar or that Motu put in a false birthdate.
  • However, this is contradictory because, in Motu ka Birthday, it is shown that he was born on 16th October.
  • In Motu ka Birthday, Motu’s birthday was on a Monday on 16th October 2013 in the show. In real life, however, that date took place on a Wednesday, not a Monday. Motu’s age was also never revealed in this episode.
  • Motu’s iPhone X.
  • According to Motu’s Fakebook page, he also studied at Furfuriya University.
  • He owns an iPhone X. It can be occasionally seen in the newer episodes.
  • With the intelligence chip that makes an appearance in Intelligent Motu, Motu is shown to speak English more fluently. However, Motu generally speaks Hindi or Hinglish.
  • Motu’s name is often incorrectly spelled as “Moto” this is most likely because the letter “O” is near the letter “U” on the QWERTY keyboard.
  • Motu’s eyes are shown to be either brown or black.
  • Motu can usually be beaten by Boxer; however, if he eats samosas or is accompanied by one of Dr. Jhatka’s stronger inventions, he can beat him.
  • Motu is capable of hand-walking and can do it with relative ease.
  • Motu is very emotional and always cries whenever someone cries in front of him
  • According to episode Motu the Gladiator, he was before born Maximus, a Gladiator in Rome.
  • Motu likes Kala-Khatta (a flavour made by adding some lemon juice and spices in Indian blackberry juice to give a sweet and tangy taste with a spicy twist) flavour barf ka Gola (Indian version of snow popsicle) as he said in Motu Patlu: The Invisible Plane.



  • “Khushbooooo!” (Smell!)
  • “Nahiiiiiiiiin!” (“Nooooo!”)
  • (To Patlu) “Khaali pet mere dimaag ki batti nahi chalti tum he kuch karo!” (“You do something, I cannot think while having an empty stomach!”)
  • (To patlu) chalo samose kahte hai (“Come,lets eat samoses”)


  • Vaasanaaaaa (Smell!)
  • Illllaaaaaaa ( Noooooo!)
  • Vairu Kaaliyaa irukumpothu ennoda moolha vela seiyaathu (“I cannot think while having an empty stomach!”)
  • To Jhatka –
  • 1st Dub – Poosanikka Mandaiyaa (Pumpkin Head)
  • 2nd Dub – Scientistuu (Scientist)
  • 3rd Dub – Periya Anne (Big Brother)

Name in Other Languages

Language Name (Motu)

English Motu

Hindi मोटू

Urdu موٹو

Arabic موتو


Sinhala මාටිං (Matin)

Bengali মোটু

Gujarati મોટુ

Marathi मोटू




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