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Indian Style Omelette Recipe

Omelette is prepared by cooking eggs with battered pan which are spread out like pancakes, and then pan-fried. In India, Omelettes are prepared to serve...

A South Indian Egg Curry Recipe For Those Looking To Have Something Gorgeous

South Indian Egg Curry is one of the most popular quick-cooking food dish in which hot and spicy eggs are is cooked in a...

Half Fry Eggs / Fried Eggs Amazing Recipe

Fried Eggs is among the most popular dishes that is consumed in many countries across the globe, made with chicken eggs. It is a popular dish...

Peacock: Some Amazing Facts of this Beautiful Bird

Peacock often referred to as peafowl is among three species of spectacular birds of the pheasant genus, Phasianidae (order Galliformes). The male bird is known...

Where Do House Lizards Lay Their Eggs?

Lizards, especially ones that are found in the house , are one of the few pests living in your home which do not pose...