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Number Names – Definition & Properties – Bollywood Siyappa

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How do you count the number of candles on a cake, the number of coins you have, or the number of words you have written in an essay? All these tasks require the involvement of numbers as well as number names. Number names help children to write any numbers in mathematics 1,2,3 etc.

The number names are conveyed in words. The term “number name” refers to a method of expressing numbers. Students in primary school have been taught to use numbers in language. These are the foundations of mathematics. All students should know the names of the numerals by heart. Learning the name along with spellings of the numbers will assist them in accurately spelling all of the numbers. Students should be taught the basic number names that are from 1 to 10, then go on to 11 to 20, and so on. They should be able to name all of the counting numbers. Let us learn how to read & write numbers from 1 to 50 here.


In mathematics, fractions are represented as numerical numbers and we can represent fractions as parts of a whole. A fraction is a component or portion of any quantity removed or you can say taken away from a whole, which might be any number, a specified value, or whatever. For instance, let’s say Richa has a pizza sliced into seven equal pieces. Do you know what 1/7 means? It translates to one out of every seven equal pieces in a pizza. It can alternatively be written as one-seventh, often known as 1 by 7 and 1/7.

We will go through some examples to help you comprehend this topic better.

Parts of Fractions

Fractions basically consist of two parts – denominator & numerator. Let’s understand by taking an example, ⅚ in this example, the number 5 is known as the numerator and the number 6 which is in the lower part is known as the denominator.

Types of Fractions 

Now we already have a rough idea of what fractions are, let’s go through the various types of fractions in mathematics. We can categorize fractions into different types according to the numerator as well as the denominator of any given fraction.

  1. Proper Fraction – The fractions in which the value of the numerator is less than that of the denominator is known as proper fractions. To understand well, here’s an example 4/7 this fraction is a proper fraction since 4<7.

Examples – 2/9, 6/8, 3/5

  1. Improper Fraction – Let’s talk about what an improper function is! An improper fraction is defined as the one in which the numerator (the part of the fraction that lies above) is greater than or equal to the denominator. For example, 5/3, 7/2, 9/5, and so forth.

How Do We Write Numbers in Words?

The number 1 is written as one, 2 is written as two, 3 is written as three, 4 is written as four, 5 is written as five, 6 is written as six, 7 is written as seven, 8 is written as eight, 9 is written as nine, the number 10 is written as ten.

We have already discussed the number names from 1 to 10. There is no trick that exists to memorize the numbers from 1 to 10, so children need to learn the basic number names.


Example 1: Mehar has 5 chocolates. She gave 1 chocolate to her friend. How many chocolates are left with Mehar? Give the number in words.

Solution – Total number of chocolates given is 1 written as one, Total number of chocolates Mehar has is equal to 5 written as five.

Therefore, the number of chocolates left with Mehar is (5-1 =4) four chocolates.

If you want to know more about fractions, do visit the Cuemath website.


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