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Prefect Recipe To Make Poached Egg

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Poached eggs are made by simmering eggs in liquid. The egg whites are cooked in the liquid until they create a layer over the cooked yolk. Poached eggs are great served on toast. They are also delicious with portabello, artichoke mushrooms and English muffins. The most well-known recipes made with poached eggs are Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and Eggs Mornay. To prepare South Indian cuisine, Poached Egg Kurma is a well-loved dish served with other south Indian foods like Tiffins.

Recipe For Poached Egg


  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Vinegar (optional)

Method of Preparation

  1. Use a large shallow pot. Make sure to add sufficient water so that the eggs are covered, and bring it to a simmer.
  2. Reduce the heat and wait till the time the water gets boiled up. Just add a small amount of vinegar. This is not necessary, but can help the egg whites get coagulated faster.
  3. While you’re at it, crack eggs into small bowls.
  4. The eggs should be carefully slipped into the boiling water. The egg whites should be gently pushed toward the yolks.
  5. Lay the eggs on the floor leaving enough space between them.
  6. Turn off the power and cover it with the lid.
  7. Let the eggs cook in boiling water in the hot for approximately 3-4 mins until the egg whites turn hard. Don’t overcook. The yolks should be soft. The length of time is dependent on the quantity of eggs.
  8. Take it out with a spoon that is slotted and serve immediately. If you don’t, place the dish in an empty bowl of water. This will end the cooking time. You can heat them in the future by placing the eggs in a bowl filled with hot water.

Serving Suggestion

  • Add salt, pepper, and take a bite of toast.
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