How to Make Basic Mayonnaise Recipe

Mayonnaise, (also known as Mayo) is a base sauce that is used to create a variety of other sauces. Mayonnaise is often used for dips or as a spread to serve on sandwiches, etc. The secret to making a delicious and tasty mayonnaise is freshness and quality of ingredients which is easy to make it yourself at home.


Egg – 1 (large)
Oil: 1 1/2 cups (Light vegetable oil, olive oil)
Dijon style mustard – 1 tsp
The Vineger, or the Lemon Juice 1 tblsp
Salt to taste
White Pepper – taste

1.Place egg vinegar, mustard, and egg into a food processor, or the bowl of a hand blender. Blend until it turns smooth.
2.With the machine in operation then gently drizzle oil over it to create a dense mixture.
3.Season by tasting with pepper and salt, and keep chilled.

Serving Suggestion
Spread the mayonnaise over toast bread to create sandwiches.
It can be used as a dip for your vegetables or bread sticks.
You can also use it to prepare tacos, burgers, and more.

Vegans can substitute 1/2 lb. of paneer in place of eggs, and follow the identical recipe. Vegans can make their own tofu.


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